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The sensitivity and discomfort on stereotype value of sex and body makes me obsess to seeing the beautiful body of young men and the interaction between them, the more affairs the more safety I gain. These elements are stripping out the distance with the reality. I enjoyed and fascinated by this distance. I’m being a pleasure snooper this distance; conceal myself to indulge in this pleasing sight.

The environment in Malaysia, it seemed as if the ink painting is as a Chinese ordained, advertised as one of the advantage of Chinese. In fact, we are lack of contact and daily experience with the medium of ink painting, such as rice paper, ink and brush. It makes mechanical relationship to new modern generation while flaunting them without transformation. Ink painting as my using medium, it will be necessary to exist, that is, as the value of the modern ways of seeing. In my opinion, this new definition and ways of seeing, has to experiment with desire watching of women or discrepancies definition of anima body in ink painting.

I am very fond of the description Taiwanese young artist Yi-Hong Jian: “…as worship his body with every brush”.  Portraying every inch of scattered spaces– every fine lines of body twisting, folding, erection of lean muscle; every tumbling folds of dripping clothes; every faintly skin under translucent clothes. The overlaid and foil of these small pieces, generate sufficient a graceful imagination.

Another series is the experimental of dividing. It is inspired by presentation of manga’s storyboard. Those cut open strips generate private and unsharable experiences of speed and temporal understanding in every reader’s mind. I admit that the traditional scrolls create a subtle ways of seeing by its continuous space and time in one single painting. But I attempt to explore more imagination space by the blank strip.

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