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黃向藝 (1987-,吉隆坡),2010畢業於香港中文大學藝術系學士,並於2016年畢業於國立臺北藝術大學美術系創作組碩士。

黃向藝專攻水墨創作,在中文大學研習嶺南傳統工筆, 受中國新工筆繪畫影響;之後攻讀美術碩士學位期間,受到台灣水墨創作的思潮衝擊,並接觸到日本畫細膩的創作以及獨樹一格的東洋美感。

另外,她對於性別題材極為敏感,因此她選擇源於日本的次文化BL(Boy’s Love的簡寫)作為她的創作題材及靈感來源。她認為,BL透露出強烈並異樣的慾望觀看,以此為契機,她致力於研究如何將此題材融合水墨獨有的表現特性進行創作。

Wong Xiang Yi (born in 1987, Kuala Lumpur) received her bachelor of Fine Arts from Chinese University of Hong Kong on 2010 and master of Fine Arts from Taipei University of the Arts on 2016.

Wong majors in ink painting, trained under traditional Ling Nan Chinese Ink painting, and effected strongly by China new ink painting movement, Japanese style painting (Nihonga) and impact of ink painting trend of thought while she studying master degree in Taiwan.

Wong is high passion in studying gender matters, and she chooses to use a sub-culture of Japanese manga, BL (Boy’s Love), as her subject matter. Wong considers that BL culture is showing strongly the ways of seeing of young generation. So she attempts to merge this unique ways of seeing with the characteristic of ink painting in her creation.


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